About Us



Hola mi gente!

My name is Graciela, a first generation graduate with immigrant parents from Mexico who taught me the best principles of life. 

Before I created Gracelashhouse Beauty, I worked as a Beauty Manager at Sephora in Austin TX for 4 years. I noticed many of my Latin clients were shy to step into my department store because they felt excluded. The models in our graphics looked nothing like us. As a proud Latina, I realized that the Latin culture was not represented in the beauty industry and took the opportunity to make it my superpower. I envisioned a Latin beauty brand that creates opportunities and spaces where Latina/o/x can benefit from and creating Gracelashhouse Beauty was the perfect way to do that through beauty, self-love and much more!

After launching Gracelashhouse Beauty in 2020 during the pandemic, I stayed true to my community, environment, and most importantly my culture. It was important to me that Gracelashhouse had budget-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products. Our lashes are handcrafted in Asia with diligence and never mass produced with machines- the result is a pure weightless experience. 

Gracelashhouse Beauty aims to grow our customer’s self-confidence and bloom their qualities. Our team is here to celebrate and honor our different stories, skin tones, languages and origins. Through beauty, we’ll share the importance of amándote a ti misma/o with what we created para ti y para todxs. 

We create our products con mucho amor pensando en nuestra comunidad.

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