About Us

Hi! My name is Grace!

Working in the beauty industry and being a makeup artist for years, I had the opportunity to study different clients’ likes and dislikes when it came to lashes. I would either hear “no lash fit my eye-shape” or “I want something natural but dramatic”. Every eye-shape is beautiful and I want everyone to see that. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to feel beautiful, inspired, empowered and comfortable with what is laying on their lash line. I recognized an opportunity to design a vegan lash collection using clean ingredients, different sizes and style fibers, and of course cruelty-free. I was able to achieve many styles that are multi-use, high quality and comfortable.

Another thing that I came to realize about my clients, which also brought me close to achieving my dream of creating a beauty line, was hearing them say how much they wished and desired to look like someone else. The question I would ask was, “WHY do you want to look like someone else when you can become your own kind of beauty”? Listening to their negative thoughts about themselves made me work even harder on my beauty line in order to make the perfect beauty line to help my client’s self-esteem and empower them.

I implemented the same idea when I designed

Gracelashhouse. While I studied other lashes having the same process of making and discovering the little to no care behind them, I realized that I wanted this brand to start and grow differently. I wanted Gracelashhouse to have its own unique beauty.

Each lash from Gracelashhouse is sketched out and digitally designed by me and carefully handmade by our lash partners. We have our clients in mind during our design process in order to give them the perfect lash that fits their eye, the look they are going for and to help them become their own kind of beauty.